Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Smoking In the United States

While wiping the cold out of my eye this morning, I couldn't help but notice that on FOX25 news there was a story running about how law makers were trying to ban the sale of cigarettes anywhere but in a licensed smoke shop. WTF? So you mean that if I wanted to sit down and have a bottle of Jack Daniels and a box of newports on a fine weekend afternoon I'd have a better chance of finding a bag of week and some moonshine? I am aware of the dangers of smoking and am also aware that a lot fo people are disgusted by smoke and want it banned but who the hell thinks they have the right to tell me that I can't have a cigarette with my whiskey?Why does this country feel the need to impose so many pointless laws while ignoring bigger issues? I just don't get it. I say to the people that hate smoke....DON'T SMOKE ASSHOLE!!! But leave me the hell alone if I want to take a couple puffs of my cigarette while watching copd on saturday night. I hate these people who think that everyone gives a shit about the things that they give a shit about. Honestly, I don't give a shit about whales, the atmosphere is fucked whether I drive a Hummer or a Hybrid, and I really don't care about saving the forrests of California (I live in a city in Massachussetts, why would I care if Malibu, CA is burning into hell?) I don't mean to sound like a cynic or a pessimist but these "do-gooders" are just making me sick. Every corner you turn these assholes feel the need to tell you what is good and what is bad and what I have to do for the environment. I'll beleive that you are truly for nature when I see you shitting on a tree trunk and wiping your ass with a pine cone. It's these same exact people that want ot ban everything on earth. Say no to alcohol and to smoking and to gas-guzzling. Let's all pul out our guitars, hold hands, and sing kumbaya my lord into the about a big ole healthy, heaty Fuck OFF! I want to smoke and drive an SUV. I want to get drunk and have sex! I want to party and drink cheap coffee at Dunkins (Starbucks is for people who have too much money because they spend $12 a month on gas and need to buy expensive coffee to make up for it). I live in the country of Freedom and Liberty so let me be free to do all these things! I don't bother you! How about I try to ban Tofu because it taste like Turkey Shit? How about banning Vegan restauraunts because the food there sucks monkey assholes.

Truth is I'm just a little mad because everytime I turn around in this country someone is trying to ban something because they are against it. It's totally ridiculous. for marriage! I am not gay nor do I want to marry a man so what the hell do I care what they want to do. If two people that love each other and have the same sexual organs want to be miserably married than so be it! Why should some republican asshole (who is probably in the closet....or a stall in the airport) tell two men who probably are more morally sane than he is that they can't get married because he thinks that fudge packing men are sinners. Let em get married and if God realy doesn't like that sort of thing then God will deal with them when they DIE!

Another thing is ABORTION! I am against abortion. I think it is wrong to kill a human being even if still in the womb and I beleive that once the heart is beating it has a soul! But that is MY belief. Who am I to tell a woman "You can't have an abortion because I think it's wrong!" Men especially shouldn't have any opinion on this as they are not the ones who have to go in thereand have their bodies rummaged through.

With all if this said....i want to be able to go and buy cigarettes whenever I please and smoke em wherever I want. I already can't smoke in a bar for God's sakes so let me at least be able to go down to the store and buy cigarettes there! God Damn this law makers and their "moral high standards" of bullshit!

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