Monday, November 17, 2008

Land of the Free, Home of the RUDE

My feet were starting to get cold. There is no use complaining about it because, well, I live in Boston, MA. November is supposed to be cold. So I decide to go to the CVS store downstairs from my job to see if they have a space heater os something like that to keep my toes warm.
I make my way into the store and go straight to the isle where I'm sure I'll find a mini electric heater. Seems like they're all gone. Since I worked in CVS when I was a teenager I know that sometimes they have the product you may want or need in the backroom and they just haven't had the time (and sometimes they haven't cared enough) to bring the product out onto the floor so that the customers can buy the damned items. I go up to one of the young ladies (and I will kindly say that she was a hefty one "I.E. FAT". I don't know what the hell it is in this country but the fatter the person the moodier they are....WTF?) and ask her if there was a chance that they still had the heaters in the back room.

"Pshhhh....I don't know if they got them thangs in the back!" says miss piggy with an attitude

DAMN YOU....I think to myself. Why is she acting like im disturbing her. She is just standing there doing nothing. She is merely just gazing into oblivion and probably thinking about cookies or some shit.

"Maam, could you please check if you have any more of the heaters back there so that I can purchase the item?" I ask with a passive aggressive tone in my voice.

Then this tub-o-lard does something that made me wonder about her intelligence. She calls a manager to the front using a phone in one of the isle. She then turns to me and says "A manager is gonna meet you in the front of the store cuz I'm stocking shelves and shit so I can't leave here just for no heater."

Stocking what shelves? She was just standing there day dreaming about muffin mountains and whipped cream waffles. I sweat to God that this is gonna be the decline of our society. This is the equivalant of the Huns burning down Rome (or was it the Visigoths? Who cares!!) So, annoyed as I was , I go to the front of the store and wait....FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES! What service...sheesh! The manager, a little asian guy who could hardly speak english comes down fron the office that over-looks the store. He came down those stairs as if Jesus Christ descending from a cloud coming to claim what is rightfully his here on earth.

so Mr. 4 feet eleven inches made his way to my side of the store and asks "What is problem?"

I explain to short shit what the problem was and he goes "No heater no more!"

"So you telling me that there aren't anymore heaters in the store?"

"No heaters, no more!" says Hong Kong with more of an attitude

"Ok sir, I understand, will you be getting a shipment anytime soon?"

"No HEATER, NOOOO MORE!" yells the impatient oriental!

I also tried to explain that Mrs Weighty over there refused to give me service as she fancied some sort of value meal and all this miniature Atila had to say was "She very work hard for me her job. You buy more or you don't buy. She good work"

I just sighed really deep and left the store. There is no use in trying to convince jelly-belly and Mr. Wong that as a paying customer I had the right to know if they had any damned heaters in the back room (paying customer from all the red bulls and other crap that I buy there on a daily basis.) But who am I to tell em how to run their business, right? What crappy service in CVS today!


Siuky said...

If I was daydreaming about savoring a Big MAc value meal and you come and disturb me over a heater, I too, would give you attitude! How dare you!!!!!

We all know that people that cant get a better job because they have no education, manners, the desire to be somebody or just simply lacks the inteligence, go around blaming everyone for their misery and hates people that are indeed successful. Dont sweat it, you know you are better than them, en todo el sentido de la palabra.

marta said...

Hay gente asi, que odian sus trabajos y quieren pagar con los clientes y no se recuerdan que es por ellos que tienen trabajos porque si nadie compra, no hacen dinero. A mi me gusta ir a Rite Aid, ahi son mas nice. La gorda estaba acalorada seguro, imaginate, tanto peso.

Jonmicol said...

Desafortunadamente aqui en Boston solo hay CVS y Walgreen's y los 2 sitios son iguales de rudos en cuanto a su servicio al consumidor. Creo que ellos se pelean por el "Crappy Customer Service" of the year award!