Friday, November 21, 2008

Child Abuse

This morning as my family and I scrambled to get ready to go to work I couldn't help but over hear a story headlining the Fox25 News. A woman had thrown a car seat with the child still in it into the hallway of the apartment building that she was living in. Now, as a father, I know that sometimes these kids make you want to pull out patches of your silky smooth hair but that is still no reason to abuse these helpless people. I just don't understand how someone can think the way they do when it comes to children. you wouldn't come up to me and try and throw me if I were crying because you know I'd probably put you into the figure 4 and wait for you to tap out. Yet they go and beat these kids in a horrible way that amazes the hell out of me. Thankfully, the child was not seriously hurt tho a neighbor commented "he lookeded dizzy as fuck, yo!" I hope he is doing good.
This leads me to the topic of child abuse. I know sometimes a kid might get out of order and say something that you might have to scold him. I understand that if the child runs into the street after being told NO that maybe a spanking could prevent the child from going back into the street. But I have seen people beating their kids in walmart because the child was hungry and crying. HELLOOOOOOOOO....what the hell is wrong with people. If my son is crying and I ask him "Whats wrong?" and he says "I'm hungry!" I am already guilty of not feeding the child for a while. But then after that some people want the kid to wait while they keep picking out some cheap ass drapes for their tiny living room while their child just sits there dizzily crying for some food. Then they wonder why the children grow up and go on Maury to tell you that they hate the shit out of you.

Now I don't intend to tell people how to raise theuir children but I will give a couple exampleof when the parents take frustrations out on their kids when in fact they are the ones that are at fault...

1. Don't get mad when your child eats cookies that you left at their reach while also leaving the child unattended.

2. Don't get mad when the child spills a gallon of milk when you should have been puring the milk for them.

3. Don't be frustrated when your child cries over McDonald's....children love McDonalds.

4. Do not get angry if your child destroys your house if you were in your room watching TV.

5. Don't get angry if your child wakes you up too early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons. It's a child and they like cartoons. Don't want to be awake too early....stop FUCKING so you don't have kids!

These are just some examples of thousands that I can think of. It just makes me mad evertime that I hear of some low self-esteemed asshole beating a kid for something that is easily fixed with some love, car, and attention from a parent. That's All!!

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