Friday, November 7, 2008

Alright, who put the shit in the microwave?

I'm waiting to pay for my italian sub and the whole time im just so anxious to get to the break room and sit down to eat my wonderful sandwich. I pay for the thing and scurry my way on up to the elevator and push the button. Can't wait to get up to the breakrom

After the ride on the elevator and the pushing through people and the stopping to answer a quick question I finally make it to the break room door. I stand there for a moment and enjoy knowing that soon I will be devouring my delicious sandwich!!!

I open the door and almost immediately a foul odor escaped as if imprisoned from the room and smacked me in the face twice (as many of you already know I am very sensitive to odors and HATE it when people do smelly shit!). I carefully make my way to the table where I sit daily all the while inspecting my surroundings. The whole time searching for wht went foul. AHA! I knew it had to be miss "I eat smelly shit all the time". The same person who comes in with a bowl full of onions and garlic and she washes this crap down with a little vinegar. The same person who will eat a fried fish with some curry goat al in the same plate. Today she had yet another smelly meal in front of her face but this time it wasn't anything recognizable. So I listen.

Turns out that the meal is some new trend (probably from south eastern asia from the smell of it) and she, being the "hip" person that she is wants to be one of the first to try out this new fetid fetish. She had the nerve to heat this malodorous meal in the company microwave and it was so funny when out Boss came into the room and said really loud "Alright people, who put the shit in the microwave and heated it?" PRICELESS!

To make a long story short I had to get out of this rancid ordeal rather quickly so I decided to finish my meal at my desk from where I am writing to you now. God, please help me find a solution to this putrid problem!!

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marta said...

Ha-ha, so funny!