Monday, December 1, 2008

Repeat This!!!

Ok people...I have yet another observation to share with you guys in form of a "kind-of" complaint. What the hell is it with people now a days that they need to repeat every damned thing you say in order to make you know that they heard you. Whate ever happened to just listening in the first place. Listen, I dont need you to say what I just told you in order to know that you heard what the fuck I had to say.Example, I'm in McDonalds at lunch break today and I say to the lady that is at the front counter

"I'd like a number 1, no pickles no onions, with a coke." Simple enough, right? Wrong! She says "Number 1 no pickles no onions and coke, right?""uhum." I respond"Is that all? she asks"Yes." I respond, again."So, that's one order of one number 1 no pickles no onions. right?""YES DAMNIT....gimme my damned food already" I think to myself!

It's like a collective retardedness is looming over the United States now a days because this has happened to me so much lately in many aspects of life and also with many types of people. Not just the McDonald's employees but also nurses and such.Example...I went to the doctors the other day because I had an abdominal pain for a couple of days that was bothering me. So a nurse comes to do a preliminary questionaire from Hell.

"What brings you here today?"

"I've got a pain in my abdominal area that has been bothering me lately"

"Hmm, that's your belly hurts?"

At this point I'm thinking "belly? Am I five years old? I thought I said 'abdominal area'" but I respond with "Yes!"

"Okay, Ill send the Doctor in"

See what I mean? It's like people are walking around so unsure of their ability to comprehend one another that they need to hear everything 3 times. Twice from you and once from themselves. It's so annoying and time consuming. That is why I am starting the "walk-away movement". The way that works is that if your retarded ass can't understand or insists on me repeating everything I say I am simply going to walk away from you. If I need to tell the McDonald's lady my order more than once then I walking into Wendy's.


marta said...

Jaja, es que seguro la tipa tiene problemas de atencion y solo repitiendo las cosas mas de una vez entiende. Asi hay gente lentas o seguro anda en otro mundo, eso pasa.

Jonmicol said...

Hay Marta, quiziera yo que fuera solo esa persona....pero hay una epidemia de retardacion mental arropando a este pais!!!

Janice said...

El problema es que la gente se envuelve en muchas cosas y andand con la mente en otros asuntos. Te aseguro que el problema no es aquí solamente.