Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Poem From Years Ago

When I was a teenager, I'm guessing just like many teenagers, I had a complicated concept of what life was supposed to be. Everything was melodramatic and everything had to have a thrill or it was just not worth living. Anyway, I was going through some old things of mine and I found this poem that I wrote a long time ago. I interests me to read it and think that at some point I too was a dreaming teen. Enjoy...

Life isn't worth living if you're not here
I know you want me to disappear
You don't want to love me anymore
You told me standing by the door
I wish I could just turn away
But there is no wishing now a day
I fell like the ashes in an ashtray
That if hit by the wind will forever go away
Away is where we both want to be
Somewhere far, or deep, where you can't see me
Deep under the ocean's rocks or in the earth itself
Or maybe as far away as Hell
There is only one way to get in through those gates
And after death that is what awaits
You said yourself I was gonna burn
From now until the ground or in an urn
Life is not a wonderful thing
At least not for me...sadness is what it brings
Maybe it's time for life to be no more
for me to close my eyes and let my spirit soar.

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