Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drunk All Alone

As i take my last gulp of rum from the bottle I look at the base of my bed and realize that there is still nothing there...no one. I try to help myself up but i dizzily fail a couple of times before I am able to slide my feet to the edge of the bed and finally sit myself up. I laughed to myself as I tell the wall "I'm drunk!" I laugh even harder when I think to myself 'I'm talking to the wall....I AM DRUNK!!'. I kind of find my slurred speech amusing.
I scoot over a little bit more and I stumble up onto my feet. With my empty bottle still in my hand I sluggishly walk out through my bedroom door. I stop in the living room and take a moment to view myself under the dimly lit room in the reflection of the living room television and damn...I looke like when I'm sober a little bit...but I'm not...Im drunk! I'm definately going crazy.

I firmly place the empty bottle of rum on the kitchen table. It decides to jump out of the table and onto the ground. I eagerly wait for the sound of the breaking glass. It doesnt break. It, instead, decides to roll into the oblivion which has become my hallway.

I trip through the doorway to my bathroom and violently stumble. In the process I hit my foot at the base of the toilet...hard!

"FUCKIN SHIT!" I yell at the pain in my big toe. As I grimace I glance over the bathroom and remember....this place is a mess.

I finish taking a piss and I explode out of the bathroom, this time more careful as to not upset my injured toe. I stand in the kitchen and look around for a second. I overlook the dirty dishes and the stack of unopened mail and directly place my gaze on the 2 bottles of rum which have been patiently waiting, without complaining much, for me to stroll by and grab one by the neck!

I open another satisfied bottle and stumble side to side back into my room. I place, more carefully this time, my new friend on the night stand and plop myself up onto my bed again. I let my hands wander around a little bit in search of my other friend, the device which helps me change channels and control the noise coming from my TV without havinf to put down my sweet rum! With my controller in one hand and my rum in the other I lay in the middle of my king size bed. "This bed is very big..." I think to myself. I wish I had some company!

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