Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who Is Toño Bicicleta?

Ayer un pana mio boricua criado aqui en boston viene y me pregunta "Hey yo....who is Toño Bicicleta?"

Yo para poder hacerle promocion al blog le dije que iba a postiar la respuesta aqui....y como lo prometido es it is.

(Lo puse en ingles ya que el panita mio casi ni habla español my bien asi que me imagino que leyendolo se tardaria hasta el cuarto de julio para terminar!)

Antonio García López (criminal)
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Murder, kidnapping
Life imprisonment from 1968


Francisco Antonio García López (1943 - 1995), also known as Toño Bicicleta was a Puerto Rican criminal famous for escaping from jail several times. García managed to become part of Puerto Rican lore and the object of constant references in popular culture. His escapes have become some sort of local legend in Puerto Rico.

Believed to be born in Lares, Puerto Rico, García was originally accused of the murder of his wife. He was mostly known as Toño Bicicleta because he never owned a car, and his favorite means of Transport was a bicycle.

Criminal History
According to popular legend, and police investigation,one day in 1968, García caught his wife, Gloria Soto, cheating on him and he proceeded to kill her. Some sources say he shot her, others say he killed her with a machete. After that he was sentenced to life in jail. However he managed to escape two years later.
In 1974, García was again captured by a civilian in a farm in the town of Bayamón, Puerto Rico He was incarcerated in the prison of Sabana Hoyos in Arecibo, Puerto Rico until 1981 when he escaped again.
His numerous escapes helped him become part of the local lore. Allegedly, during his escapes he would continue committing rape and kidnappings. However, some people claim that due to his notoriety he was used as some sort of scapegoat both by authorities and civilians to several crimes in the island.
In 1983, García escaped for the seventh and last time. That time, he was able to stay on the loose for 12 years before being caught. In 1987, he killed his uncle and stepfather. That same year, García killed Luis Rodríguez and kidnapped his girlfriend, Diana Pérez Lebrón. The woman stayed with the criminal for eight years and was with him at the moment of his last showdown with authorities.

Death and Afterwards
In the morning of November 29, 1995, García was allegedly working in a coffee plantation in Castañer, Puerto Rico. Police arrived at 7:30 am, and Officer Luis Rosa Merced of the Puerto Rico Commonwealth Police shot the notorious criminal in the genitals. García eventually bled to death.
García's burial was attended by close to 3,000 people curious to see the most notorious criminal of the island in the 20th Century.

So there you have it in a nutshell....this was Toño Bicicleta!

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Anonymous said...

get your facts, he was not married to Gloria E. Hernandez Soto. he was her lover, she was going to leave him and he went crazy. He beheaded her in front of her son that was 4yrs old and her sister! he shouldnt be some to look up to or even be talked about! she took a mother, sister, daughter away form her family. She was my grandmother and i would apreciate it if you wouldnt say he was her husband! he has no blod line to us!!