Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...and I walk!

Once again the stone cold winter is back in Boston. Even though every year is the same I can never fully quite understand why I feel so down during this time of year. I don’t think it’s the cold itself because Decembers are usually cold but all the Christmas activity keeps me out and about. I think the lack of sunlight mixed with the absense of fun outdoor activities is probably what depresses me the most!

Regardless I take the time to stroll around my city and I take the time to just take it all in….the sounds…the smells (some of which are aweful…lol) the sights…

For now I bundle up and walk around to the beat of a summer song blaring through my earbuds as my phone begs me to put it back in my pocket. I walk and I wait…I wait until the warm weather that makes Boston summers feel like a tropical paradise (minus the palm trees and the drinking on the sidewalks) return….all the while I stay thankful. Thankful that I can enjoy the cold while waiting for the heat! This is what makes Boston special to me…in one year I can feel the coldest of cold winds streaming down through Dorchester straight from the artic tundras and I can experience the hot tropical humidity of a carribean day in the dog days of August. This is my Boston! For now I bundle up…step out into my city....and I walk!


Cachinchunflen said...

Short and sweet. Good one, bro.

Coqueta said...

Hey Jon,
Happy New Year!
What a nice poem! Well done.