Friday, February 18, 2011


It seems as if everyone today is claiming to be real
But they're all about the money, the jewelry, the sex appeal.
Now-a-days people don't make music without longing for a deal.
Nobody just sits and writes a verse proclaiming what they feel.
Men don't wanna raise their babies....they make 'em and they peel.
Ghetto mothers watching Maurywhile their kids kill and are killed.
Wars are fought by the poor so the rich can reap resources and make profits.
The poor look up at pulpits and listen to promises from prophets.
Some sit in a church and worship hoping they get into heaven.
Why do diety's collect 30% of what you're gettin'?
Why's the pastor driving a beamer and we're all sardined into the T?
Does the pastor think that Jesus used to bling like Jay-Z?
Everyone looks into the heavens and plead with God to win the lottery
But a bum asks for some change and y'all are like "Ewww...don't bother me!"
You're against animal cruelty yet you kill rodents and insects with venom\
Or you trap 'em in a mouse trap and to the trash you send 'em.
Some go clubbing and buy liquor with the cash on their EBT
And get mad at their child for his bad grades....the kid can't see.
Instead of buying him glasses they fill glasses up with patrón
While their children of 12...8...and 4 sit at home bored all alone.
It's Friday!! Time for shopping for some clothes & booze
While your son, whom you don't know, has holes in his shoes.
While you're lookin' fresh to death and lookin' for a boo'...
Your son is being bullied for wearing high waters to school.
Seems like the word "real" has lost its meanging and its essence.
So many fakes talking "real shit" in my presence....
I AM a REAL MAN....a real person who's never alone
Because my family is my my home!


Coqueta said...

Simply BRUTAL!!!! Well said. So Proud!!!

Darko said...

No se puede expresar ésto en mejores palabras. Me gusta el estilo de poesía que utilizaste aquí.

Del tema… lo mismo pienso. Todos los días, a todas horas lo veo. Saliendo de mi casa, en el tapón, en el trabajo. Como dices, la palabra "real" ya no es nada. Meaningless. Good work bro.