Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dress Codes at the Club!

What's with all the dress codes in the clubs now a days? It's ridiculous! It's like saying "We don't trust you ghetto motherfuckers in your own, everyday attire so we will force you to dress like something you are not and just pray to the gods that no one feels like shooting up the damned place!"
It is ridiculous because then you end up with a 27 year old guy who has worked in McDonalds since he was 14 and is now part of the lower echelon of management (I.E. SUPERVISOR!). He makes 9 bucks an hour but when in the club he looks like he makes 100 thousand bucks a year thanks to Marshall's and the poor college student who is grinding on his $5.99 dollar pants doesn't know that later on in the night she will be told to be quiet by the supervisor because his 12 year old brother in the top bunk mught wake up and he doesn't want any more problems with his mom dukes!

These are the "show up at the club drunk" motherfuckers because they can't afford the liquor at the club so we might as well put some money into the liquor store at the hood (I'm guilty of this too but the difference is I ADMIT IT!).

I was at the club last Friday and I even saw my boy dropping of his girlfriend's sister at the club. The fucked up thing is that he is the security guard at the shelter where she lives with her 4 children. WTF?

It's messed up too because if it just happens to be latin night you will see a whole bunch of these ladies hooking up witht he ugliest dudes and it only makes you wonder "What does she see in this dude?" Then it finally clicks when you are in the parking lot looking for your car half drunk and you hear the beautiful voice of one of these fine latin girls ask their newfound hubbies "So, since when have been a citizen?"

Anyways, I have much work to do and little time to do it so I'll let it be for now!


Alkarah José Hirán said...

Un pana mío se caso con una argentina por $2,000 pesos para que le dieran la ciudadanía.

Me tripea más jangear en sitios que pueda ir vestío como sea, pero de vez en cuando hay que tirarse la tela también.

Macetaminofen said...

Si no me dejan entrar con mi leggins de camuglage y mi camisa de escarcha y lentejuelas semi abierta, no voy al sitio

Nerdote said...

oye a este LoL Claje' cabrón. Por alguna razón no dudo que él realmente se vista así. Anyways en cuanto al post. Nunca lo había pensado así. Básicamente el dress code es como una orden pa'pari de disfraces. "Everybody pretend to be somebody you are not"Lol. En verdá es una farsa encojoná.

Coqueta said...

Tu sabes que a mi me gusta la gente que se vean bonitas en lo que llevan, pero yo "superviso" a la gente por lo que son, mas no por lo que llevan puesto.

Claro, para entrar a el Coqueta Club, yo les reviso las etiquetas de la ropa, jejeje, sin no dicen Coqueta Club, no entran y punto.

El "dress code" es una cosa, pero para que tanto "code" para entrar a sitios ya sea de gratis, o pagando $10, ahi entra cualquiera. En la mayoria de los casos voy a sitios que la entrada soprepasa los $25(us)pero dentro de el lugar no ves cafrerias, ni en el local, ni en la ropa, ni en el servicio y mucho menos en la gente. A ver, hablate de esa, yo se que tu has ido a esos sitios tambien.