Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Stimulated

Today I received news, as soon as I walked in through my office doors, that the new stimulus package bill was signed by our wonderful Barack Obama! I was so exited as I was just thinking in all the new things I would be able to indulge myself with. I had thoughts of going out and having some fun for a change!

So I anxiously sat at my cubicle waiting for the mail room worker to pass out the check!! I open up my check to find that my great stimulus that was so eagerly and fiercely defended by those who represent us in the halls of congress was a measly 30 dollars. 30 friggin' dollars? Now, I am not one to discuss my finances publicly (it ain't like I'm a public official or nothin') but I make well over a thousand bucks per pay period. So the fact that such a big deal was made for 30 bucks was like a huge slap in the face to my intelligence.

To add insult to injury I'm here listening to the news and the "poor" people of America are raving with the actions of this new president because I guess they will be getting more money in food stamps and welfare checks and I don't even know what else (probably the cheese quality will go up too).

It makes me wonder, why the hell do I even work? I should put my "baby momma" in a shelter somewhere while I start to sell crack out of an abandoned house down in Roxbury somewhere. When she gets her apartment down at the projects then I can sell crack from there. After that I can lower her rent by making her pregnant like 6 more times therefore making the welfare check larger, the food stamps plenty, and rent free! This means I will be able to get a 450 inch plasma for the living room and slightly smaller ones for each bedroom and park my Escalade with its 70 inch rims right in front of one of the "poorest" neighborhoods in Boston! Just thinking that this is the real way some people think makes me sick.

I know that this is a recurring theme on this blog and I apologize to my readers but it's just that I feel so strongly about this. I just hate this Robin Hood shit that is happening in this country where rich get richer, the poor live like they're rich, and us, the working class, carries the load.....or should I say takes the load right in the middle of the asshole!

Gosh I'm mad! Fuck the stimulus....let me keep more of my own money! Better yet, let me decide where I can put this money. Instead of sending it to Iraq I'd send it to the department that fixes the holes in my damned street! Instead of fighting hunger in Ethiopia I would fight hunger at a senior citizens home! Instead of fighting AIDS in the Congo I would fight crime here by using that money to give teenagers jobs in the summer. There are so many problems here and these "do-gooders" motherfuckers want to solve problems everywhere else! Well, this is my rant for the day.....let me get back to work!


Nerdote said...

"us, the working class, carries the load.....or should I say takes the load right in the middle of the asshole!" That quote takes the cake cabrón LOL.

Nerdote said...

treinta trapue' pesos. Claje mieLda.

Jonmicol said...

takes the cake....and then leaves the frsting behind in your behind!! Friggin' economics!

Nerdote said...

frOsting. By the way, now that we're talking about fronsting; check out this blog:

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edna said...

El stimulus de Bush fue mejor, porque cuanddo yo vi esos $600 me emocione, pero esto solo ayudara parece que a la gente que le dan ayuda. El mundo nunca es justo, ni modo! Tendremos todos que coger welfare y housing a ver que hacen con tanta demanda.

Virgen said...

una de las razones por las que me pregunto todos los días como es que los países en especial usa quiere ayudar a otro cuando aun hay muchisima gente piediendo por ayuda allá. me gustaría que por una vez dejarán de ser la policia del mundo.