Monday, October 20, 2008

Fish & Chips

So here I am answering phones at work. I am steadily and efficiently answering thes phone calls and trying to do my part to minimize the work load for the company. Meticulously working to meet my customers needs and demands (since I am writing in english and my boss might be reading this I have to over state the working hard part. sorry guys!!). all of a sudden, a powerful odor saturated the air in the office and in doing so filled every orifice in my face with this God forsaken stench. I slowly arise from my cubicle and I start the investigation process...the process of figuering out what the hell the smell is. I was looking for a sign....a smelly sign. Could it be that the old man that works in the mail room has croaked and has been lying under a pile of papers for a couple of days? Might my boss still have the shits from the dengue fever he picked up while in an expedition in the jungles of Costa Rica last week? What on earth could that smell be? I finally look over one of my co-workers cubicle walls and (SIGH) there she is savouring the awefully cooked, hot, funky fish & chips dish. Smelled more like feet and shit if you ask me! I know the economy is bad but damn...there is no reason to be cooking your meals in a middle aged womans vagina! What the fuck are the fish sticks made of now a days? Smelled kinda like putrid mice with yeast infections....maybe she should pour some monistat 7 over the damn thing and call it a day!
Moral of the story: Stop eating nasty smelly shit and bothers people even if they are nice enough to not blog about it!!

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