Thursday, November 15, 2007


In my opinion...opinions come packaged like jelly beans...a dime a dozen. Now a days, i think, people truly believe that they need to let the world know their opinions on things they know absolutely nothing about. Also, they want to let us know their opinions on things that they really have no business...if a cared id read their blogs, right? haha...On top of that they offer these opinions free of charge...of course! Sure, some peoples opinions matter a whole lot and are really important to some of us but, for the most part, a huge chunk of us "normal" people really don't like it when casual associates along with perfect strangers want to be opinionated on our lives. Even those that are pretty close to us feel a certain need to let us know what they think about us when "things" are not going up to their perfect standards!
I understand that we all tend to be opinionated. That really isn't my problem. That isn't really what ticks me off. The problem here is WHO you decide to share these opinions with. my opinion... my next door neighbor is a complete idiot for letting his ex-girlfriend move back in with him (the same girlfriend who decided to break every window on his car because he wouldn't pick up his socks from the bathroom floor) but who am I to ruin a puff puff give session by saying "dude, you shoulda not let that bla bla bla....and in my opinion bla bla bla"
Okay to my point. Why am I really writing this blog? Well ...the person who I beleive is the only person who should be able to give me her opinion without me having to ask her is my wife (and no its not because im afraid of not getting none). I truly belive that the person who you decided to spend the rest of your life with...til death (or divorce) do us part...should be able to bitch & moan to you about anything that is on their minds. With that said i beleive that mother-in-laws, siblings, cousins, distant relatives, friends, best friends, associates, doctors (unless its about my health), lawyers (just keep be out of them orange jumpsuits), priests, etc, should just SHUT THE FUCK UP! If i really wanted your opinion I'll tell you what I want to hear before you say it! I really don't care what you think about the decisions in my life. I really don't give a shit what you think.
I had my wisdom teeth taken out last friday (all four of them). I have been on nothing but soup and oatmeal for the past five days. After the effects of my sweet sweet vicodins kicked in this morning I sat back in my desk at work and thought to myself...hmmm...for all my pain and suffering today, I deserve I big hearty breakfast. After all...I was HUNGRY AS HELL!!! I get up fro my cubicle happy as can be (I'm on vicodin!) and I make my way down to the deli on the second floor of the building I work in. After a careful consideration process of 3 seconds I decided on a steak and eggs breakfast (my favourite). I have been through all this shit and I deserved it! I bullshit with the deli workers, as usual, until my breakfast is served and I pay for it. Before you can say PAIN KILLER I'm back in my cubicle with my breakfast waiting for me. I'm halfway through my breakfast when a cheapish voice cuts my meal's content right in half.
"You're eating steak? You must be crazy!"
It's my neighbor to the right (which in my opinion could be shamoo's twin sister but do i say so?? NOO!) She must think that we are friends or something because she likes to tell me what she thinks about every aspect of everything I do. She must think that people with no wisdom teeth must eat mush for the rest of their natural lives. It made me furious to think that she would even think to say anything about my food...or my meal...or anything at all to me. Who the hell asked her for her opinion? This fucker weighs as much as a pubecent hippo and I should be the one watching what I eat? Honestly I was so unhappy with tho whole situation that i prayed to God that he would send a giant bird from the heavens to shit all over her. Unfortunate for me He never sent the bird.
The point of this blog, again, is this...if you have an opinion on other peoples lives and have no significant other who you can gossip with either BLOG about it on myspace or SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one cares what you think! Your opinion means as much as your life which means shit to me! more opinions!! Thanks!!!

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