Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

I still remember the first time that I held you in my arms. I just held you and looked at you not knowing what you were to me. I knew you were my son, but little did I know that you would become so much more to me than that! Through out the years you have become an inspiration for me. I get up everyday and work for you...so that you may keep your childish smile a bit longer. I work so that you need nothing.

Last night I got home at midnight and I found the house silent. No baby crying, no child running around dressed in a superhero costume. I snuck into your room and sat on your bed. I watched you sleep. All that I could think about was how you have changed my life so drastically. In 7 years I have learned what being a dad is all about. Even though I know and accept that I am FAR from perfect, you have been the key figure in changing who I was and helping me become who I am! You came into my life when I needed you the most!! When I thought I knew it all, you came by and helped me realize that I know nothing. Without you I would not be the person that I am today!
When we play you look at me with those eyes and you stare in amazement. You told me not long ago that I was like your own personal hero because I always protect you. I am here to tell you that the real hero here is you! You saved me, son! You saved me from the person I was becoming and you helped me to understand the value of life. You helped me to understand the value of a father. You came neither to early nor too late. You were here at the perfect moment in my life to help me know that it isn't just you that needs me, but I also need you. Together we have grown!!
Today, on your 7th birthday, I know that I love you now more than ever. Everyday that passes I love you more and more!! Today, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Te Quiero Mucho, Maiquito!


edna said...

"I get up everyday and work for you...so that you may keep your childish smile a bit longer"
Me gusto esa parte, I'm sure he'll grow up to be a great man someday.

Anonymous said...


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