Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I have been wanting to write a post dedicated to 2009 for a couple of days now. Until this morning I really didn't know what to fact, I still don't. All I know is that I do not know how to feel about this past year and I also do not know how to feel about the death of 2009.
This year would have been a regular normal year for me. At the beggining it was a regular year, working, paying bills, living...Then 2009 took my friend.
2009 was a year full of deaths. From Michael Jackson to Patrick Swayze and even Brittney Murphy....but one death has left an imprint in my mind, my heart, and my soul. The death a great person and one of my best friends.
To say that I can't wait for this year to be over would be selfish because leaving this year behind means trying to figure out how to move on to the next year without this person who was loved by so many people. I guess that a part of me just wants to start 2009 al over again.....a part of me wants to change the past so that tonight, when I am sipping on some Black Label, I could look over and put my cup in the air in salutation to my friend....but I cannot travel through time and tonight I will have you on my mind, brother.
With all that said I am glad that 2009 is over and I will be wiping my slate clean. I will begin 2010 with my head held up high and I will keep traveling through this journey called life with the hopes that everything that has happened, positive and negative, will mean something in the end.
Have a safe New Years and if you will be drinking (or geting high) please do not drive!! PEACE!


Nerdote said...

me gustó lo del clean slate. Todos perdemos a alguien querido. Pronto comenzarás a alegrarte cuando pienses en él. Vs ahora que lo q haces es badtripiarte.

Yo perdí a alguien bien cerca pal' 2004 y me destruyó bien cBRÓN pero ahora sonrío cuando pienso en los tripeos que tenía.

scanmellllllll said...


May the good Lord always bid you peace and health for you and your family......I've tried to call you but your voice mail kicks in...anyhow...don't forget you have a friend for life here in FL>